Franklin HolmesFounder & CEO

areas of expertise
  • Business transformation
  • Infrastructure
  • Integration
  • Case management
  • Business development
  • Growth strategy
  • Functional design
  • Business process management

Franklin is Co-Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of Software Premier (Software Premier, LLC).  Franklin received his college education from Virginia Commonwealth University and actively holds more than 12 Information Technology industry wide certification.

After graduation, Franklin joined in the big 4 consulting circuit where he was able to solidify himself with hands-on management experience in all facets of business and technology.  His keystone executions were in planning business objectives, functional designs, delivery of consulting services, and trade compliance software solutions.

Franklin remains steadfast on providing in-person, tailored services for clients who wish to eliminate operational inefficiencies.  Clients of Software Premier are confident in the future of their organization and the innovative solutions that we build together.

Franklin has positioned Software Premier to be a vital, small business partner to larger organizations whom wish to bridge the gap between technical and domain expertise.

Alongside family, close friends, growing a company, and investing in employees; Franklin’s passion is community and service.  He believes in today’s youth, regardless of background or circumstance.  Franklin hopes to be an example to the youth by demonstrating what can happen when you have a plan, execute, and do it the right way!